The Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai) is a non-profit, independent research institute operating in the fields of area studies - primarily contemporary China’s politics, foreign policy and political economy -, global politics and security studies.


Located in Torino, capital city of Italy’s northwestern region of Piedmont, T.wai’s mission is to conduct policy-oriented research with a strong theoretical basis, strengthen international networking through research, disseminate knowledge, and support tertiary education and high level professional training in the field of international affairs.


T.wai regularly hosts speakers from around the world for a rich programme of initiatives, such as the TOChina Summer School, the ChinaMed Business Program and the Engaging Conflict Summer School, all of which are organised in partnership with the local University of Torino and other institutions belonging to the TOChina Hub.


T.wai publishes three leading e-journals OrizzonteCina, RISE (Relazioni Internazionali del Sud-Est Asiatico), and Human Security. They respectively cover Chinese political and economic trends, Southeast Asian international affairs and political economy, and the different aspects of contemporary conflict studies. T.wai’s main English-language contribution to policy-oriented debate comes in the form of its signature T.notes, which offer concise analyses of critical issues currently informing the global conversation.


T.wai’s research agenda is structured around three programs:


1. Global China: assessing the impact of China’s re-emergence on international political economic dynamics and global governance in the current age of power diffusion. The ChinaMed project is part of this research program;


2. Changing World Politics: investigating the actors, rules, dynamics and narratives that shape politics at a global level;


3. Violence & Security: exploring emerging trends in transnational security, from the rise of non-state actors to force privatisation.

The Center for Mediterranean Area Studies (CMAS, 地中海区域研究中心) was established at Peking University in 2015. CMAS conducts research on the political, economic, and social phenomena of the Mediterranean region from a Chinese point of view, and China’s evolving role in the area.